Monday, September 21, 2009


No more progress on Roam since Saturday.  But as the seams were finished that night, I was able to try it on.  It is about 4 inches longer than it is supposed to be.  That is how much it stretched with washing.   I was actually tempted to get it wet again and throw it in the dryer.  If I start considering that again I may have to call a friend to talk me down.

I stopped myself because I will get some wear out of it if I leave it as is. But if I put it in the dryer, something really wonky might happen. It's long, but I always thought it would be just a casual sweater.  But if I am going to do anything to try to shorten it, I should do it prior to adding the I-cord and zipper.  Any advice?

Meanwhile, the whole family was free on Sunday so we put the dogs and fishing gear in the car and headed up to a creek near Lassen National Park.  Riding in the car, I was able to continue far enough on my Jaywalker Socks (link to free pattern on Ravelry)  to see the pattern emerging in the Lorna's Laces.   While knitting I did notice an error I had made earlier. About halfway up that middle column of paired increases, one of the increases is one stitch over too far the right. 

I am pretty certain the error is in the section I was knitting during the last group knitting night.  We are notorious for making errors once we start talking and drinking and eating.  So much so that we are devising our own pattern difficulty rating.  Instead of beginner, intermediate, or expert, ours will have a number of martinis next to each pattern.  Zero martinis for 16-row-pattern-repeat lace knitting, all the way up to three martinis for stockinette stitch in the round.   Anyways, I'm not going back to that row in the sock!  I don't think it is too obvious.  The socks are for me and know one will ever know, unless I tell them. ...
 Hmm, how about this blogging thing?

And see that loose tangled yarn?  Back at home, while unloading the car, I made it down the driveway, through the garage, and across the back porch with the sock in one hand and the ball of yarn still back in the car.  Luckily, my son noticed and stopped me before the yarn was completely ruined.  Oh well, fresh trout for dinner, and car knitting.  All in all a pretty good Sunday.

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  1. Love the way the chevron stripes are coming out with that yarn. I also have so many mistakes in all of my socks but once they are on my feet, covered by my pant legs, and slipped into clogs - they all fade away! Agreed-Zipper and I-cord after shrinking attempts. Good luck!