Tuesday, September 29, 2009

One down, six to go. (FO: Roam)

I just finished sewing the zipper into Roam.  Progress ... yay!
After the great moth massacre delayed any finishing work this weekend, I had just about convinced myself to bring the sweater and zipper to a seamstress.  Then I had a little free time today and wanted to give it a try.

 This page helped me.  I didn't even follow the directions to the letter, but reading the tutorial took the mystery out of the process and made it seem doable.  I departed from the instructions when I pinned the zipper to the I-cord.  You are supposed to pin the zipper on the wrong side of the sweater, and then try it on before you sew it in.  I tried that first but it didn't look quite right.  I ended up pinning the sweater to the zipper while looking at it right-side-out, so I could see how it would look as I went along. Pinning it that way also removed the need to baste the zipper in.  Instead I went straight to sewing it in without removing the pins. I'm sure there is a reason for doing it the other way but this worked for me.

I am happy with the end result and happy to be moving on!

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