Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Instant gratification knitting

So, my current WIP, Roam, is being blocked and is on it's way to being finished. However, it is still drying, and I can't get much seaming done while it is wet, can I? So I can just knit today, without falling off the finishing wagon. But I wanted to work on a small project, so that I don't get too far off track. In fact, the project I am working on is very, very small. Here is my first hat for the big knit 2009.

(The pattern instructions actually say to put your feet up with a cup of tea. I'm just following orders here.)

Last year the Innocent drink company received over half a million of these little hats. The money raised by the project will go to help keep older people healthy this winter. The website includes patterns which are a great use for leftover sock yarn. What could provide more instant knitting satisfaction than completing an entire project from start to finish while drinking a single cup of tea?

1 comment:

  1. What a great 30 minute knitting break. I can't wait to start my little hats too! I'm really hoping to gather at least as many as last year (I think 25) and maybe even double that!