Saturday, September 19, 2009

Seaming has started!

I started this blog exactly one week ago with a goal of getting down to seaming. It's taken time to prep my first project but actually the timing couldn't be better! Roam is all dry and ready for seaming on the same evening that I have the time to work on it. My husband is at work, our son is at a birthday party, the dogs are walked, the chickens are fed and the eggs are collected, and I've had my caffeine.
Nothing can stop me now!

Roam is knit completely in seed stitch and I did not add any selvedge stitches. So I did spend time looking online for any specific instructions about seaming seed stitch. I couldn't find any so I decided to stick with mattress stitch. The first side seam is done, so I know the other seams will go quickly.

I explained earlier that one of the things I hope to get out of finishing 7 sweaters all in a row, is a bit of an attitude adjustment toward finishing. So far, so good. Seaming, especially mattress stitch is really not bad once you get going. I am helping myself out by having something entertaining going while I sew. That icon on my computer screen is the logo for the Stash & Burn podcast. Nicole & Jenny are knitters who have also been podcasting for a few years. I'm late to the podcasting party, but I still thought I would share the link. They add links on their home page whenever they discuss a pattern, a book, a yarn, or a designer, etc. That way, it is kind of like looking at Ravelry links, while hearing a little more detail about each item from 2 friendly tour guides.

Also, I get to learn a new skill while finishing Roam: applied I-cord. Learning something new is one of my favorite things about knitting. Now back to seaming, more about that tomorrow.

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