Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Join in The Singing Revolution discussion on Ravelry

I love a film festival, but it's not a pleasure I indulge in often enough.  Now, thanks to Ann Shayne over at Mason-Dixon Knitting, I get to attend one just sitting on the couch (or Angie's couch as the case may be).  I can't wait to watch the movie The Singing Revolution and join in the discussion. 
As you can read here, the movie package, which is winding its way by mail through a list of other Mason-Dixon fans out there, includes not only the movie but also a notebook for viewers to share their comments.  Even though I chose not to get on the mailing list (as I didn't want my frequent lack of promptness in such matters to hold up the line), I was feeling a pang that I wouldn't be reading and adding to the commentary.
 I emailed Ann to see if there was an alternative.  She graciously replied and suggested that we start a discussion thread at the Estonian Knitting Group on Ravelry.  I started the thread this morning and will go back and add to it after watching the movie.  Whether you are on the movie mailing list, or you are getting the movie from the library or Netflix, or maybe you are even buying your own copy, wouldn't it be great to have a group discussion?  If you agree, please come on over here and add your thoughts about the movie.

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