Friday, September 25, 2009

I'd rather be knitting, and Harpo says hello.

I enjoy knitting.  I enjoy knitting so much that I finally understand why people put those bumper stickers on their cars, you know the ones that say "I'd rather be (insert hobby here)".  In the past, if I saw one of those bumper stickers, and if I thought about it at all, I may have thought something like "Wow, they must really like golfing, fishing, or some such hobby, a lot to be willing to slap a sticker on their bumper announcing it to the world."  But now, I understand.  At any particular time I might be driving, cleaning, cooking, gardening, etc. and find myself thinking "I'd rather be knitting!" 

The last few days have been full of yard work and errands. We've accomplished quite a bit of fall chores like clearing brush and stacking firewood.  But visions of various knitting projects I would rather be working on were going through my mind.  So, to reward myself for my labors, this afternooon I went out and bought a zipper for Roam, and buttons for Loppem, all I need to finish two more projects.  The good news is I finished the applied I-cord on Roam last night.  I found these photos from the Keyboard Biologist's knitblog to be very helpful.  Next I will be trying to learn another new skill:  sewing in a zipper.  Perhaps tomorrow?

The Singing Revolution update:  my knitting group's movie night had to be rescheduled so I still haven't viewed the documentary myself.  However, I was very excited to see that a few people have added comments to the discussion thread on Ravelry, AND that it was mentioned by Ann on the Mason-Dixon Knitting blog.  Woo-hoo!  Thanks, Ann!

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