Saturday, October 17, 2009

I won a contest...

....simply by trying to support another knitting blogger.  Some of you may have seen the contest to send a blogger to Antarctica.  When I heard about it I went and voted for Eva.  She had the creative idea to knit a pair of socks (hopefully during her trip to Antarctica), and give them away to one of the people who voted for her.  She did not win the trip.  (A man from Portugal received 16,154 votes!)  What I didn't know was that Eva is still going to knit the socks.  And a couple of days ago I heard from her that I won the knit socks!  She chose the yarn and let me choose the color.  So in a few months I will be the happy recipient of brand new handknit socks made out of Socks that Rock in the colorway OmaDesala.  I've heard great things about Socks that Rock yarn but I've never had the chance to try it out.  It is super generous of Eva to go ahead and knit the socks.  I'm so excited.  Thank you Eva!

Meanwhile I am cruising along on the reincarnated sweater out of my silky merino.  I will post pics when I am a little further along.  Hope you all are having a great weekend.


  1. I am smiling for you! What better gift to a knitter than a knitted gift that she'll love? Sorry Eva didn't win the trip but she now has another vote from me if she ever needs it!

  2. How exciting Shannon! I'm happy for you.

  3. Congrats!! I'm so happy for you. I'm thinking that this is how it feels to win the lottery or Publisher's Clearinghouse (maybe without the balloons). I will totally vote for Eva.