Saturday, November 14, 2009

So I Married a Mushroom Hunter

As I was typing yesterday's blog post, our neighborhood had a power outage.  I lost my internet connection, and by the time I got it back I forgot to add one more detail about our mushroom imbued week.
In case the photos didn't make it clear enough, we have been inundated.  I've cooked mushrooms for eating, and for preserving, every day since we returned from our 2 day foraging trip.  We've had mushroom burgers, mushroom sauce on pasta, mushrooms with eggs, and mushrooms in soup.  We have mushrooms on the counter, mushrooms in the refrigerator and freezer, and mushrooms drying in the dehydrator.
So, Thursday, my husband came with me to the grocery store to pick up other ingredients for a Wild Mushroom Soup recipe.  Halfway through the store visit, I look down in the cart, and what has my husband put in there?  A bag of mushrooms!
I was about to ask if anyone could possibly explain this to me.  But then, I figured it out.  I remembered how that one last skein of sock yarn just seemed to jump, all by itself, into my shopping bag at the Stitches convention.

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  1. Attack of the killer mushrooms! Those pictures are incredible! I love the analogy of hypnotic yarn to magically appearing mushrooms! Thanks for sharing!