Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Mighty Hunter Strikes Again

See the set of teeth marks?  This was left near our bedroom doorway this morning.  It's yet another gift from Harpo, the wonder cat.  He often brings us a leaf, a piece of straw, or a twig.  Once, he brought in a rose branch, with a rose still on it.  Another time he brought in a twig from the cherry tree, with a cherry on it.  Sometimes I find branches, too big to fit through the cat door, laying just outside the door.  I can't know for certain that he intends to leave them as gifts, but that sure seems to be the case.

This last week has brought on the holiday preparations, but I'm managing to squeeze in some more yarn dyeing with wild mushrooms.  Here are a couple of preview pics of lobster mushrooms and some of the resulting yarn:


Now if only I could teach Harpo to bring us mushrooms instead of leaves!

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