Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Sweater is Stalled but the Socks are Okay

Well, you've seen from my last few posts how easily I get distracted from sweater finishing.  It's no wonder I have all these UFO's.  The Lace Pullover is not forgotten but I've been working on it in fits ands starts.   I knit the first sleeve 2 weeks ago, but did not have the correct needles to get the lace cuff done.  I finally picked up some sz 4 DPN's and yesterday I finished the cuff and picked up stitches for the second sleeve.

I stayed up late to make some progress.  I was just thinking to myself how soon I would be wearing this sweater, when I noticed the color pooling in the second sleeve.  I just know that striped area will bug me later if I leave it but I couldn't face ripping it out just then.  Luckily, I have one more skein of the Malabrigo.  I am crossing my fingers that it matches the first sleeve better.
Meanwhile I am much happier with the sock I am working on for our mini-Sunday-Swing-knit-along:

I am really enjoying knitting with the Handmaiden Casbah.  I love the color and the yarn feels soft and squishy while I'm knitting, so I know I will like wearing the socks as well.  The plan was to knit the Sunday Swing sock pattern but with Grumperina's modifications.  Well, I am modifying the modifications by adding in some extra decreases which is why it looks puckered right now.  However, I like how the pattern looks when it is stretched out on my leg so I'm going to continue with the extra decreases.  I know Angie is much further along.  I'm going to have to ask her if I can post a photo of her socks too.  What do you say, Angie?

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