Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Dose of Reality

"Mom, are you blogging or are you bragging?", my son teased when I had him take a photo of my sweater for my last blog entry.  This was just his 13-year-old sense of humor talking, but the comment stuck in my mind.  It reminded me that if I am sharing a successfully finished project, perhaps I should 'fess up about the mishaps made along the way.

So, in the spirit of honesty here's a sampling of my latest knit-related bonehead maneuvers:
1)  As I finished the collar on my lace pullover, I wanted to try it on before binding off.  I was perfectly aware that the lace stitches were being held on a 16" circular needle, which is a good 4" less than the circumference of my head.  Did that stop me?  Nope!  I did it anyway, because I was too impatient to transfer the stitches first.  So, I lost some stitches and had to spend three times as long reknitting the rows instead of the few minutes it would have taken to put them on a longer needle.

2)  Here is my 2nd Sunday Swing sock where I left it last night:

I was distracted and I accidently skipped the entire set of instructions for turning the heel before picking up stitches for the gusset and foot.  I'll fix it today, but last night I took it as a sign that it was time for bed.

Oh, and by the way, all those good intentions I wrote about in my New Year's entry....
today I'm back to feeling like I'll be happy if I can just catch up on laundry and remember to floss!
How about you?  Are you sticking to any New Year's resolutions?


  1. We love the blog, Shannon.

    Gail & Tony

  2. Yep, I think we should all show our bonehead moves from time to time. Keeps it real.
    I tend to mess up a lot, and if it's late, it's always a good stopping place.
    Hope you're having a good Sunday!