Saturday, January 9, 2010

Homework: It's a Good Thing

I checked my email just now, and found a Stitches West class confirmation, including a homework list. I don't remember being this excited about having homework before! This will be my fourth year attending Stitches and taking classes, but the first time I've recieved such an email.  They must be getting even more organized.

I'm taking "Switch to Continental Style Knitting" and "The Joy of Steeks".  I signed up for both in hopes of doing more stranded color knitting.  I've been adding to my Favorites list in anticipation of starting a related project.  Here are a few I'm thinking about for future reference:

1)  It seems sensible to start with a hat for practice.  I like these Fair Isle Hats by Ruth Sorenson which I found at Knit Purl:

2)  I don't wear vests much, but I'm still drawn to knit this Fyne Vest from Rowan:

3) Finally, I'd like to knit a traditional Fair Isle sweater and use my new steeking skills to make a cardigan from one of these patterns (ravelry links), or something similar to these:
Fair Isle Yoke Sweater by Elizabeth Zimmerman
Bohus Forest Darkness by Annika Malmstrom-Bladini

That brings me back to the next item on my finishing to-do list.  I knit the Equinox Yoke Pullover by Michele Rose Orne but I still need to weave in the many ends and seam it. 

So I guess I can say I've already done some stranded knitting, but I think I was in over my head.  I feel stuck as far as the finishing work and I'm just hoping that my tension was even enough and that it will fit when I'm done.

I'm going to sit down and work on it as soon as I finish the birthday gift socks I started.  I'm done with the heels so I'm solidly past the halfway mark:

I'm growing attached to this pair, but the good thing about knitting a gift is that I can always make another one!

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  1. You are rockin on that sock project! They are GORGEOUS. I still haven't even cast on for mine.....better get moving! Thanks for the motivation!