Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Socks, and more socks (FO - Sunday Swing)

I must be addicted.  I finished up my Sunday Swing socks a couple of nights ago, and then wore them, as I immediately cast on for the next pair of socks. 

Pattern:  Sunday Swing by Krystel Nyberg  (with Grumperina's modifications)
Source:  Knitty, Summer 2009
Materials:  Handmaiden Fine Yarn Casbah Sock in Pewter, and US 1 Knitpicks circular needles

There is something about finishing socks that still gives me an "I made that!" feeling.  Maybe it's because you start with such small needles and yarn but end up with something so functional.  Maybe it's because they seem challenging but are actually quite doable.  Hats and scarves, while enjoyable, seem pretty routine now.  And with sweaters, for me at least, there is such a long interval between deciding what to knit, and actually wearing it that I end up feeling more happy just to be finished.  I know you other knitters out there understand what my husband never will:  The never-ending cycle of "I just want to be done.... so I can hurry up and start the next project!"
Besides,  the next pair of socks are an overdue birthday gift so I really do need to get going on them.
Here is the yarn that is now on my sock needles:

More Malabrigo, please!


  1. ooooo that red yarn is so so pretty. I have yarn envy. :)

  2. You're socks came out really nice, but oh how I love that gorgeous yarn you're knitting with now!
    I've had a fingerless mitten knitting fetish this winter. Just starting on my fourth pair if I could get the darn skein of yarn wound. It's the biggest, most tangled mess I've ever experienced in a new skein of yarn.

  3. Shannon,

    I love your swings! I think you've infected me with the bug....I'm going to start a pair of Dream Socks for myself now!

    The birthday gift is going to be gorgeous!