Friday, June 25, 2010

Alhambra Scarf Happiness

Pattern:  Alhambra Scarf by Anne Hanson
Source:  Knitspot
Materials: 1 skein Sea Silk in "Pumpkin" and US 3 circular needles
My Modifications:  I knit 6 extra patterns repeats for a longer scarf. 

After knitting the recommended 16 pattern repeats, the scarf didn't seem long enough.  I perused Ravelry for Alhambra FOs and found that many knitters wished their scarves were longer.  I decided just to finish the whole skein of Sea Silk.  After blocking it is just over 5 ft. long.  I love this color!

I'm getty ready to pick up our boy from the airport.  Tonight he is getting his favorites:  lasagne, green beans steamed right after being picked from the garden, and homemade banana chocolate chip bread for dessert.  Can you tell I missed him?   (I'll be glad to get my camera back too!)


  1. Love that pattern! Sounds like a nice homecoming too. Can't wait to see him - the boys are anxious to get home to see their friends and start their summer!

  2. What a beautiful scarf. The yarn you chose is perfect!