Sunday, June 6, 2010

Garden Celebration or Diet Disaster?

I'll let you decide....
Ever since my post about the 10,000 steps program, I've been making an effort to exercise more and eat healthier.  After reading about blueberries as a "superfood" I had been talking to my husband about replanting some blueberry bushes.  (We used to have a short row of them, but that was before our chickens were fenced in behind our house.  The chickens would always find the ripe blueberries before we did, and eventually the bushes died, embarassingly enough, simply from lack of care.)  To my surprise my family added 8 bushes to our garden as a Mother's Day gift to me. 
The info from the nursery recommended that we pinch all the flowers off the bushes the 1st year, so that more energy would go towards developing healthy roots and strong plants, instead of towards producing fruit.  We just couldn't bring ourselves to do it.  We wanted to enjoy the blueberries this year.  Yesterday, we gathered our first harvest, along with some snow pea shoots which we sauteed for dinner:
It's a good thing we ate our greens, because somehow I was talked into making this with the blueberries, along with some strawberries and cherries that we picked up from our favorite local stand:

   It's the Pinwheel Fruit Tart from The Silver Palate Cookbook.  It's basically a big, buttery, shortbread cookie topped with pastry cream and fruit.  I substituted whole wheat flour for the white flour, and used skim milk to make the pastry cream.  But still, I think the health benefits of the berries and cherries were cancelled out by the butter, sugar, and egg yolks.  Still, I had a slice for breakfast, before knitting away on the Vinnland socks on this lazy Sunday.  The bushes seem healthy enough despite our refusal to follow instructions, and at least the chickens aren't getting the berries this year.  I wonder how many calories I'm burning while knitting socks?

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  1. At the rate you knit Shannon, I would say that you are burning enough calories to justify eating these tasty treats. And if not, who cares? You are exercising and feeling good about yourself. I say, EAT UP, we are only on this planet for a short while. Enjoy!