Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Knitting in Public

First, check out this raffle:  The prize is so nice, I wanted to make up new email addresses and enter multiple times.  Instead I decided to tell you about it.  Go to the Winged Knits blog to read about the prize, then go to the Quince and Co. website to enter.

This year worldwide Knit in Public day became a whole week.  I haven't had a chance to participate in a group event, but I'm doing my part while visiting San Francisco on a short family vacation.  I've made progress on my Alhambra Scarf:

In the hotel lobby,

in front of the Ferry Building with a view of the Bay Bridge,
and even at a Giants game:
I admit I didn't get very much knitting done during the game.  After correcting 3 mistakes, I decided that maybe beer, baseball, and lace knitting didn't mix that well after all.  But we did get to watch Tim Lincecum strike out 10 batters.

I hope you are having a nice week and maybe even doing a little knitting in public.


  1. The scarf looks gorgeous Shannon! I haven't been knitting in the last couple of days but I did knit for a few hours on the flight over here. Hope your having fun in SF. Thanks for the contest!

  2. Well Shannon, looks like you are living the good life. Martinis, beers, the city and knitting...ahhh. Fun times!