Thursday, June 3, 2010

A little something for my bird-watching friends...

After all the mushroom hunting, my husband was telling our 13 yr. old that he needed a new nickname.  (All of our fellow mushroom hunters seem to have one.)  They had settled on either "Owl Eyes" or "Hoot" as a nod to his sharp vision (he always finds the most mushrooms).   Later that day, our flock of chickens started cackling the danger calls they make whenever a predator is nearby.  We went out in the back yard and found this lovely Barn Owl in our walnut tree:

Only a few hours later, we heard hooting, and spotted a huge Great Horned Owl in the top of a tall pine tree in our front yard.  We decided the owls approve of the new nicknames.

Meanwhile, our locally famous Bald Eagles have done it again, by successfully raising 3 chicks despite the bridge construction going on near their nesting site.  The eaglets can be seen during daylight hours via the solar-powered web cam  put in place prior to the start of the construction.  Recently, the eagles were provided a modicum of privacy courtesy of spiders who constructed cobwebs across the camera lens, but the eaglets can still be seen testing their wings around the edge of the nest.

P.S.  Twice now, I accidently typed "y-a-r-n" instead of "y-a-r-d" while describing our owl visits.  I think it's a sign that I need to get back to knitting content.  Tomorrow I will write about my current "yarn" project.


  1. Hey, that's me! Wow - great photo & how cool about seeing both owls. They actually owe their astounding ability to find food to hearing rather than sight (since they do most of their hunting at night), but the basic idea - superhero-level observation - totally fits.
    - Jeanne

  2. Precious. Thanks for posting. When I was young, I lived near an abandoned Grange Hall that was home to screech owls. I would sneak out at night to go sit under an oak tree where I could hear them "talking." If I was lucky, one of these beauties would grace me with its presence as it flew home.