Sunday, August 29, 2010

Just had to post this even though it is non-knitting related...

We just got this link to Edible East Bay magazine, in an email from Anthony (chef-extraordinaire, mushroom-hunting phenomenon, and all around nice guy) Tassinello.  When you click on the link, scroll down to see a picture of the proud mushroom hunters with their record-breaking haul of morel mushrooms.  That's Razz, my husband on the left, in the middle is Paulie (a.k.a. Paulie "Porcini" who hunts mushrooms and also knits!), and Anthony on the right. 

I said this link was non-knitting related, but just so you know, I am slowly training the 3 of them to be on the lookout for yarn dyeing mushroom specimens.  I wish we could have gone to see Anthony's talk, but the Fall mushroom hunting season is approaching, and I hope to show you more pictures of mushroom-dyed fiber then.

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  1. Good luck with retraining those eyes! The bounty they brought in leads me to think their vision is superhuman when focused on morels! Maybe you should cut out little pictures of your specimen to put in their wallets and on the back of the visors of their cars!

    Looks like loads of fun!