Sunday, August 22, 2010

Two-at-a-time Sweater Fronts

While I was knitting my last pair of socks, I mentioned that I was trying a (new to me) technique for knitting 2 socks on one needle.  But I don't think I ever described it or took a picture.  I can show it on the blog now, as I am applying it to sweater knitting.  My friend Jeanne picked up this tip in a sock knitting class.  It is quite simple really, and just involves using circular needles long enough to hold two pieces of knitting, and a ziploc bag to contain two balls of yarn:

I'm sure you could spend money on knitting tools which accomplish the same thing, but this is the quick-and-dirty method.  I'm using a 40" long circular needle to hold both fronts of the Augusta Cardigan, and a gallon-size ziploc bag to hold 2 skeins of worsted weight yarn.  Before casting on, I cut the 2 corners off of the bottom of the ziploc bag.  I placed 2 balls of yarn in the bag, with an end from each ball threaded through each cut hole.  I closed up the bag, and cast on first one set of stitches.  Before knitting those, I cast on a second set of stitches.   Now I am knitting across both sets of stitches before I flip my knitting over, and if the yarn ever begins to tangle, all I have to do is flip the plastic bag over.  This method has the added bonus of decreasing the amount of pet hair that gets knit into the sweater as well!

Are there any techniques you've learned recently that you think are worth passing on?


  1. oo! I love this! I think the next pair of socks I do I want to do them two at a time. Thanks for the tip!

    For me, working decreasing at the same time as working a pattern, like a cable or something, I write it allllllllll out. Like, it'll say decrease 1 on each end every 6 rows 2 times, then every 4 rows 8 times, meanwhile the cable is ever 5 rows or something. So, I draw this:

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    x x x x
    where every line represents a row, and the x underneath means to decrease on each end of that row. I mark each row as I finish it and it helps me to keep it straight. :)

  2. Ah - a gallon-size bag for sweater fronts (or 2 sleeves). I knew it was a good idea but now it sounds much more manageable. Thanks for the reminder that ziploc bags come in different sizes!

    My latest rave is still the Tulips buttonhole (easiest to learn via YouTube) which I'm about to use for another sweater. Best - Jeanne