Saturday, August 14, 2010


I juat collected my mail after being away for 2 weeks and found this lovely package from Quince & Co.:

After winning the drawing mentioned in my last post, I chose 10 skeins of their worsted weight yarn, Osprey.

I have enough to make a sweater with these 6 skeins in the "Storm" colorway,

. . . enough to make a scarf with these 3 skeins in the "Frost" colorway,

. . . and enough for a hat with this skein in the "Frank's Plum" colorway.

It all came with this great Angela Adams tote bag, 3 sets of Peace Fleece knitting needles, a Quince & Co. color card, a coupon, and a jar of Quince jam!

I can hardly wait to start knitting with all of this wonderful yarn, but first I need to go make some toast with Quince jam for breakfast!


  1. Wow, what a great prize! Definately a nice coming home present :)

  2. Great Shannon! A wonderful surprise for a wonderful person : )