Monday, September 6, 2010

Augusta Cardigan is almost there...

. . . but I might be running out of yarn.  I can't stand the suspense, but I just have to keep knitting to find out if I have enough or not.  Here it is:

The pattern (for my size) calls for 8 skeins of Classic Elite Montera which would add up to 1016 yds.  I am substituting 6 skeins of Quince and Co. Osprey, which amounts to 1020 yds.  I figured I would be cutting it close but that I would make it.  Now I am starting to wonder.  When I had just the button band and sleeves left to knit, I had 2 full skeins plus 1 partial skein.  So I knit the button band first, hoping to have 1 full skein left for each sleeve.  It didn't work out though, and I had less than 1 skein left when I started the 2nd sleeve.
I am crossing my fingers and hoping that if I just use what I have left and even out the sleeves, they will be long enough.  Otherwise, I might be getting an opportunity to find out if the Quince and Co. yarn dye lots are consistent.  Will I make it?  It's high drama in the knitting world. . .

Meanwhile, I'm getting excited about delving into some Fall yarn dyeing.  After my last post, we heard from our mushroom hunting friends that they found some Hawkwing mushrooms which I had asked them to keep an eye out for.  I don't know when I will actually see them and get the mushrooms though. 
But their success got us excited about mushroom hunting, so we took a day trip to the coast in hopes of finding some ourselves.  We didn't find any yarn dyeing specimens, but I did find this great addition to my heart-shaped rock collection:

I couldn't stop thinking about dyeing yarn though.  Luckily, when we got home, I realized our black walnut tree was beginning to drop walnuts in the back yard.  I've gathered enough for a dye pot and had them soaking overnight.

I have just the yarn I want to use for a test batch, and if it works, there are plenty of walnuts for more dyeing.  I'm heading out to buy some alum to use as mordant, which I read will produce a rich mahogany brown.  I will share the results soon.


  1. The suspense is killing me......On the test dye bath too! Keep us posted!

  2. hoping you have enough!! Look forward to seeing the color of the dyed yarn.

  3. Oh Gosh Shannon, I am sending positive thoughts your way. Perhaps the yarn fairies will spin up a miracle for you : ) Can't wait to see the walnut colored yarn.

  4. Well, it looks wonderful so far & would probably be great with 3/4 sleeves...
    Good luck! - Jeanne

  5. I am on the edge of my seat waiting to hear!!
    Just keep Angie and I in mind.. I think we have shorter arms than you ;)

  6. Very exciting, both the sweater sleeves and the potential color of the walnut dyebath. I'm in suspenders!