Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sorry to leave you hanging there

I can't believe it has been two weeks since my last post.  I have been knitting but my computer hasn't been cooperating.  Usually when that happens, I borrow my husband's laptop.  However, he has been using it night and day to study for a board exam.  At this very moment he is gone taking his test so I am using the time to get back to my blog,  so. . .  Hello again!

I last wrote when I was running out of yarn while finishing up the Augusta cardigan. 
Well, I made it!  But just barely.  Here is what happened in gruesome detail:
 I continued knitting the 2nd sleeve until I was out of yarn.  At that point, I had made it to the ribbed cuff of the sleeve, but it wasn't long enough.  Having come that far, I really didn't want to order more yarn to finish up.  Which meant I had to figure out how to even up the sleeves with what yarn I had left.  I only had a few rows to go.  So I undid the bound off edge on the first sleeve, and ripped back both sleeves to the stockinette portion and then took out a couple more rows of knitting.  I cut a strand of yarn from the first sleeve, and spit-spliced it to the remaining yarn on the other sleeve.  I thought I had it evened out at that point, so I re-knit one sleeve and bound off.  Then I re-knit the other sleeve, and realized I had misudged slightly, as I ended up with only @ 1 inch of yarn when I still had 5 stitches left to bind off.  Luckily, I had a strand hanging inside the sweater that was long enough to make do with.  I spliced that strand to my 1 inch tail and bound off the final stitches.  Here is the tail I have left to weave in:

This picture is also pretty accurate as far as the current sleeve length.  If I'd had more yarn, I would have made them slightly longer, but I am hoping the short length will be cured by blocking.  Even though this all happened two weeks ago, it's still not blocked, as my free time has been devoted to a couple of other yarny endeavors.  Last week my evenings were spent dyeing yarn.  Best of all, last weekend my knitting group participated in a 3 day Fair Isle Tote knitting and felting class.

Here some sneak preview pics of the fair isle tote, and of the black walnut dyed yarn.  (I'm off to block the the Augusta cardigan, but I promise not to wait so long to fill in details this time.)


  1. You have been a very busy bee! Everything looks gorgeous. I love the walnut dyed yarn! Thank you for finally relieving your captive audience : )

  2. Wow, glad you were able to finish your sweater...that was close! The handyed yarn looks good, what are you knitting with it? Nice tote too!

  3. Thanks for the update. I will stop my fingernail biting now
    : ) What is that last photo Shannon? Love the pattern and color.