Friday, October 15, 2010

Finished Object Friday: Embossed Leaves Socks

These socks have been a special project for me because they are a gift for my friend who gifted me with my first set of knitting needles and taught me how to knit.  I knit these leafy socks in honor of her completion of her PhD. 
Congratulations Tera, on a huge accomplishment!

Pattern:  Embossed Leaves  by Mona Schmidt
Source:  Interweave Knits, Winter 2005; also published in Favorite Socks
Materials: 1 skein of Schaefer Yarn Company Heather, and US 1 circular needles
(Note on yarn color:  The label did not list a color name, but all of the Schaefer yarn colorways are designed and named in honor of strong women.  I think that makes this blue-green yarn even more perfect for Tera.  She has worked hard to complete her doctoral program so that she can continue to help others through the field of counseling.)

My Modifications:  For the body of the sock, I did follow the directions for the charted lace pattern of leaves, but I changed almost everything else:
Cast on and cuff:  The pattern calls for starting with a 1x1 rib method of casting on, and a twisted rib cuff on US 2 needles.  I started the socks once following the directions exactly but I hadn't completed a gauge swatch.  I soon realized the socks were going to be too big, and that I needed to go down to US 1.  Given the opportunity to start over I decided to use the nice stretchy Old Norwegian cast-on and a plain 1x1 rib stitch.
Heel and toe:  I used my favorite short-row heel, and I am especially pleased with the changes I made to the toe.  The all-over lace pattern creates a series of overlapping leaves so that a whole leaf is never completed.  I decided to use decreases to shape the top of the toe that would create finished leaves where the lace pattern ended as you can see here:

Even though Tera lives in another state, I think of her as part of my knitting circle of friends. She is a big sock knitter, and I know that along the course of all of her studies, she has knit a fair amount of socks as gifts for other people. I thought it was only appropriate that someone should knit some socks for her, and as she loves the outdoors, the pattern was an easy choice.

Tera, Congratulations!  Happy Graduation! Hope these socks help to keep you cosy this winter.

[Edited to add:  After starting this FO Friday series of posts, I realized other members of the Ravelry group The Blog Hub had the same idea!  You can visit Tami's Amis for links to see more Friday FOs.]


  1. oh they are beautiful socks :)

  2. Shannon, you always make socks look so easy. I must knit my first pair soon; I'm thinking this pattern made with some brown Malabrigo of course. Thanks for the FO posts, they are inspiring.

  3. Oooo, gorgeous! They look like they have undulating ocean waves on 'em.

  4. I LOVE the socks! I'm very obsessed with making socks, yet I don't knit. I'm crocheting my first pair and can't wait to finish!

  5. very pretty! i love that color also.