Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Good Yarn Karma

Recently, I've knit a couple of projects during which I was sure I would run out of yarn before reaching the bind off.  Luckily, I was able to finish both of them with a few inches of yarn to spare.  My knitting group friends said I have good yarn karma.  When I posted about my last FO, the Woodland Shawl, I didn't mention that it was the 3rd such project.  Finishing the shawl required completing a 16-row repeat, and then knitting another 8-row edge section.  When I started the last repeat, I doubted I had 24 rows worth of yarn left, but I forged ahead because I wanted the shawl to be as long as possible.  I made it, and here is all of the yarn I had remaining:
I didn't mention this before because I
didn't want to jinx my good yarn karma!
 I'm throwing my yarn karma caution to the wind to tell you about a special package that just arrived in the mail.

About two weeks ago, I wrote a post I titled Synchronicity, about my joy in discovering that a pattern for EZ's Green Sweater had been published.  As soon as I was done writing that post, I ordered the pattern and headed over to Ravelry to add the sweater to my Favorites list.  I didn't actually put it in my queue because I planned on waiting to find just the right yarn.  I wasn't in any hurry, and I thought the right yarn wouldn't show up at least until February (when I'll die early and go to that yarn heaven known as Stitches West). 

The thought of putting off buying yarn lasted exactly eleven days.  I knew I wanted to knit the sweater with wool that had all the heathery flecks of color as in the photos of the original sweater.  If you're a knitting blog reader, you've probably already heard about Shelter, Jared Flood's new line of yarn.  When I read the announcement on Brooklyn Tweed, I knew that the perfect heathery yarn for EZ's Green Sweater was just one trip through the mail away.  I've been sticking to a monthly budget, and fortunately for me the announcement was made at the start of a new month. 

Do I care that I blew through my discretionary
budget on the first day of the month . . . .?

Not at all.

I felt like I was a little late to the party when I finally found the published pattern for the sweater, but now I know I was just waiting for the right yarn.  Synchronicity after all!
I'm going to try to hang on to my good karma by keeping up with some gift- and charity-knitting through the Fall prior to starting on the Green Sweater.  But that is another blog post. . .


  1. I really can't wait to see EZ's green sweater on your Friday FO's post! I was just admiring Shelter and trying to decide if just one little skein as a tester for a hat project or something was appropriate or affordable. I think I'll just wait to see yours in person! Very exciting. Your good yarn karma will hold out!

  2. Totally worth it! Looking forward to seeing it's progress and what you think of the yarn :)

  3. Isn't Shelter lovely?! I was so excited that we have some available locally - went out the next day to get a skein & have since been resisting the urge to drop all other projects & start a new sweater with some. Or there's the Wayfarer scarf...

    That's amazing yarn karma!
    Best, J