Monday, October 25, 2010

Hats on my mind

It seems I just can't manage to check a couple of FO's off my list without wanting to cast on for 6 new projects.  At the moment, my mind is full of hat patterns I would like to knit.  Here is one example of how the obsession goes....

I listened to the new Stash and Burn episode as I ate my breakfast this morning.  I usually like to browse the knitting-related links attached to each episode, but this latest one just covers Jenny and Nicole's visit to the new Artfibers store in San Francisco, and the links aren't up yet.  But they did mention a cabled hat that sounded interesting so off I went on a Ravelry tangent. 

Let me tell you, there are A LOT of cabled hats out there.  But I like the new pattern search capabilities on Ravelry.  I used the filters:  "Has photo",   "Craft:  Knitting",   "Category:  Accessories - Hat",  and finally, "Attributes:  Fabric characteristics - cables".  (Sorry if I'm boring you with the particulars of the search . . . it's the former librarian in me that appreciates these little details.)  Anyway, that search still left me with a list of 1,099 hat patterns to browse.  I narrowed down the list as I listened to the podcast. 

Here are a few I'm considering knitting as gifts:

Ski Hat by Irina Dmitrieva - I like how this comes together at the top to look like a flower.
Rachael by Chrissy Fletcher - A cute hat from a designer whose blog I enjoy.  It is "designed to show off the subtle variations in semi-solid yarn".
My Ligneous Cable Knit Hat by Elizabeth Carls - The pattern has nice all-over cables.
Slable by Woolly Wormhead - This would be a good one for using up some sock yarn.
Bubbles also by Woolly Wormhead - What a cute child-size hat!
Morel Imperative by Elizabeth Witt-Trzebiatowski - How could I resist?  It's named after a mushroom!
Sarah's Cabled Hat by Sasha Stavsky - Nice, basic, cabled hat . . . and it's free.
Flowing Locks Cable Cap by Jennifer Hagan - Another pretty all-over cable pattern. 
Urbane by Katya Frankel - One of several pretty hats from her "Cabled Hat Collection".

With this list I can get some gifts made and use up some of the single skeins of yarn that are hanging around in my stash. 

However, before I can start cabling, I need to create one 14yr.-old-boy-sized-hat in the colors of the San Francisco Giants.  My guys are going to check a big item off their bucket list when they attend the first game of the World Series this Wednesday!  Lucky them!  I'm not going along but I'll be there in spirit.  As soon as the Giants won their last playoff game, my boy put in his order for an orange and black hand-knit hat. 

By the end of the Stash and Burn podcast, I decided the new Artfibers store sounded pretty wonderful.  Hmm, maybe I should tag along on the boys' San Francisco trip. . .


  1. My hat is off to you! Sorry, couldn't resist. I totally get how easy it is to go off on those tangents

  2. As a wipslut, I totally understand to 6 for each one finished. Hope you finish the hats in time for them.

  3. Knitting is such fun! I hope the boys have fun - glad their team won and they get to go watch!

  4. Good for the boys! G talked about their trip last night at dinner. R told all the guys at school about it and is obviously excited to go. With the house to yourself, you will be able to knit hats until your hands go numb!