Thursday, November 18, 2010

It Feels Good to Frog

Actually, ripping out my knitting wasn't very much fun.  Luckily, listening to the new episode of Stash & Burn while I worked kept me from wanting to pull my hair out along with the yarn.  But it really does feel good to be finished frogging! 

I'm almost done with the last item on a knitting to-do list I started some time ago.  In order to feel like I am truly done with the list, I had one last item that I needed to frog, or rip out.  (For those of you non-knitters that drop by occasionally, "frogging" is another word for undoing knitting.  Here is a better explanation of the term.)

So today I got out my yarn swift, and let it rip:

My swift came in handy turning this:
Back into this:
18 skeins of Debbie Bliss Soho. . . I got it on sale but still, what was I thinking?
When I was going over my list of unfinished items and asking myself "Finish of frog?", this Ballet Wrap Cardigan ended up on the frog pile.  I just knew the finished sweater would not look like the one in the magazine, and I would probably never wear it.  If it had been a pullover, I probably would have taken the time to seam it, and then would have donated it to afghans for Afghans.  But I don't think they take wrap-style sweaters.  They do have a new youth campaign going right now.  So, maybe after the Christmas presents are done, this yarn has a better destiny as a nice, easy, and warm child's pullover.  That would really be satisfying.


  1. It felts really beautifully though and you have enough for a great big tote bag there!

  2. I'm weird, I love to frog things and reknit them. Sometimes, I just can't make up mind what the yarn should be.

    I love that yarn. It's really pretty.

  3. Sad, but true. Sometimes frogging is more rewarding than knitting it up.

  4. I think I need you to hold my hand for this process. I have lots of projects that probably need to be frogged, but I'm in such a state of denial that they will forever be in the WIP pile :(

  5. I never would have thought to frog straight onto a swift! What a great idea.