Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Start of the Sock Yarn Plan

You all know that I have been working away at cutting down on the total number of WIPs that I have hanging around.  Having my family out of town this past weekend allowed me to make good progress in that department.  As soon as I finished the Ribby Cardi, I started weaving in the 150+ yarn ends of my Equinox Yoke Pullover, a sweater that I thought I would never finish.  By Sunday afternoon, it was drying on the ironing board after being steam-blocked.  It still needs seams, but the momentum will carry me through that part.  Best of all, when my husband got home and saw it he said "That's a beautiful sweater."  High praise indeed from a guy who normally doesn't notice this knitting/blogging thing I am doing.  It was music to my ears.  For that reason and more I was happy to have my guys back Sunday night.

But getting back to the normal routine this week means I need to have some go-to mindless knitting, which brings me back around to the sock yarn plan.   I haven't gotten as far as having each skein in a ziploc with a pattern, but I spent some time playing mix-and-match between my stash and my Ravelry favorites list.  I won't bore you listing it here but, if you're curious, this is what I came up with. 

As promised in a previous post, I'm starting out with a single sock:
 This fits perfectly into my plan, as I can knit one sock to donate, and have enough of this self-striping yarn leftover for the next item on my list.  I got the Vogue Knitting Ultimate Sock Book out of the library, and I would like to try these footies:

Do you see the name of the pattern up there, "Sockies"? 
Doesn't that sound funny?  I prefer "footies", although
now that I think about it, I guess that sounds funny too.
 So I'm off to the races with my sock yarn plan.  Do you know how fast a single sock in stockinette stitch is going to go?  I think I can get that done in a few days of waiting in the school parking lot, knitting at red lights, and maybe one orthodontist appointment!  Edited to add (after knitting on the sock for a little while):  Okay, maybe not that fast, but it will feel fast, since I'm not doing everything twice!


  1. It's gonna be a pretty one. Love the colors.

  2. You are so inspiring! I have that same yarn and it was my second pair of socks. I actually love wearing them because they are lightweight....and oh so colorful - your gift recipient will be very happy.

    I have enough leftover yarn for those footies too! Let me know when you return the book to the library!

  3. I like your sock yarn. I love those slippers but not so much in the yarn on their picture.