Friday, December 17, 2010

FO Friday: I love this pattern! . . . and other Christmasy doings

This week raced by with all of the Christmas preparations and I still have much to do.  So I almost didn't take time to post this morning, but I couldn't stand the thought of missing out on linking up with my FO Friday friends, so here goes:

 Two more Turn A Square hats are in the mail:

You saw them already if you stopped by on Wednesday but now I've posted modifications for the smaller sizes on Ravelry, so I wanted to share:
1) light blue Turn A Square Raveled here.
2) dark blue Turn A Square Raveled here.

I feel like the real accomplishment for the week was the fact that we are getting through the busy work and still finding time for the more meaningful activities.

It has become a tradition for me to put the lights on, and for my husband and son to put the decorations on.  It was fun to knit and watch them as they placed the ornaments, joking around with each other, all while wearing their Santa hats.

We always feel a little frantic near the end of the Christmas baking and fudge making, but we remember why we do it when it comes time to deliver them.  Gifting these to friends, family, and other people who help us during the year is one of our favorite holiday rituals.

And bringing some cookie tins to knitting night was a great excuse to visit with friends even though there was still wrapping and packing to be done.  (By the way, have I said lately how much I admire each of those special women?  They are what I want to be when I grow up.)

They say it is better to give than to receive (and generally I agree) but I have my doubts when this arrives in the mail:
Thank you L & H! 

I try to decide if the phrase is true as I sample the goodies with my morning coffee and finish up the blog post.

Back to the wrapping and packing:

I'm out of excuses for procrastinating on standing in line at the post office.  I'm off to buy more brown paper so no one has to wonder if we really are shipping a box of Crown Royal and/or a frozen turkey.  

I hope you are finding time for the meaningful activities amid the hustle and bustle too!


  1. Your hats look great. I love your tree by the fireplace. Wish I were on your baking list.

  2. You are a brave and determined soul Shannon : ) Everything looks fab!

  3. Shannon, Your tree looks beautiful! I feel lucky that our knitting cirle is so much more than just a group of knitters. It really is a way for me to connect with women who I really want to have in my life and might not otherwise have time to slow down and spend time with. I'm happy to be on your baking list. It is greatly appreciated. Look at all you do for others too - that's a pretty big USPS order!

  4. Yay for hats in the mail! (And for Christmas cookies. Yours look gorgeous, and I love that you have some chickens and cows in the mix...which actually gives me a cool idea for giving out appropriately-shaped cookies along with donations to the Heifer Project, which I give to a few people on my list every year.)

    Good luck with the post office! I was just at my town PO today and the line was slightly crazy, so I hope you have better luck. :)

  5. Your hats look great! It's nice to have those little moments to enjoy the simple pleasures of the season. What delicious looking cookies!

  6. The hats are great. Um wanna do my Christmas baking? I forgot about it in my knitting an chicken beating frenzy :(

  7. It all looks lovely, the hats are fantastic, a very pretty tree and tasty looking goodies

  8. The hats look great and I especially love the blue one! Your tree is so pretty and now I want a cookie. LOL