Friday, December 31, 2010

A New Year's Bucket List & Contest

Contest Prizes
On New Year's Eve I'm not making resolutions.  Yes, I want to exercise more, eat healthier, etc., but at the moment I am dreaming of craftier goals for 2011 and beyond.

It actually started this past Fall, when the subject of a bucket list was discussed amongst some of my friends.  One friend planned to attend an Impressionist art exhibit, where she would view "Starry Night" by Van Gogh.  Another friend took motorcycle riding lessons for her birthday.  My own husband and son checked an item off their bucket list in 2010 when they watched the Giants in a game of the World Series.  All of this took place when I was reading blog posts written by lucky knitters who attended the  NYS Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck.  Soon I was musing about my own bucket list.

My list is all about the knitting.  I wonder if I should call it a Basket List?
  1. Knit 12 pairs of socks in 2011.
  2. Attend the Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck.
  3. Knit the Baby Surprise Jacket pattern by Elizabeth Zimmerman.
  4. Design more knitting patterns.
  5. Knit a sweater from yarn I dyed myself.
  6. Learn to spin, and knit something from my own handspun yarn.
  7. Steek a stranded colorwork sweater.
  8. Buy a fleece, and knit a sweater from the resulting wool.
  9. Work through the Master Knitting program from TKGA.
  10. Knit through my Ravelry queue!
    It's a bucket list, not necessarily goals I can meet in 2011, but I can dream, can't I?  Now I would like to know:  What's on your bucket list?

    I would like to give away some prizes to thank my friends for sharing in this knitting/blogging journey during 2010, and perhaps to make some new friends.  As a special shout out to any of my friends and family who check in on the blog sometimes even if they don't knit, I will replace one of the prizes with a hand knit item.  Each entrant can only choose one prize, but everyone can earn multiple chances to win:
    • First entry:  I would like to know what is on your "bucket list".  Leave me a related comment on this post by midnight on Saturday, Jan. 8, 2011 to be entered in the contest.  [Edited to add:  Please leave your Ravelry name or email address so that I can contact you if you win.]
    • Second entry:  Because I'm grateful for my friends and readers:  When you leave a comment on this post, if you've already written at least 10 comments in 2010, you will automatically have an extra entry.
    • Third entry:  I've added the "Followers" gadget to the blog page.  I know I have some regular readers who aren't yet "following" blogs.  To encourage them to try it, I am adding an extra contest entry for anyone who is already a follower or who signs up before the end of the contest.
    A reminder to my non-knitting readers:   Please join in and leave me a comment.  If you win I will replace one of the prizes with some hand-knit socks or an accessory made just for you.

    The Prizes:
    1)  1 skein of KnitPicks Shimmer in "Spice" and some US 1 needles.  Here are some pretty things you can knit with just 1 skein.

    2)  1 skein of Hand Maiden Sea Silk in the "Mineral" colorway.  Here are some beautiful projects made from just one skein.

    3)  1 skein of Socks that Rock lightweight in the "Flower Power" colorway.  Colorful socks anyone?

    4)  A copy of Luxury Yarn One-Skein Wonders by Judith Durant.  I was gifted this book when I already had a copy.  There are some great projects in it.

    Happy New Year!  I'll be back to announce the winners after the contest.  Maybe by then I will have knit my first finished object for 2011!


    1. Great basket list! Maybe we could go to Rhinebeck together - it's something I've been wanting to sync up with my New England family visits at some point. Without knowing about bucket lists before, I guess it was on it. Another knitting-related one: go to the Knitter's Review Retreat in Williamstown, MA (my college town). Will have to think about more (I love lists). Happy new year!

    2. I love the idea of a basket list! I think top of mine would be to actually make a proper item of clothing, as I haven't attempted that yet at all and it's still a scary prospect for me!

      I think I'd also like to become a more competent knitter; I've seen some beautiful projects in the last few months that are knitted, and I'd love to make them myself (shawls, mostly), but as my knitting skills only go so far as garter stitch and stocking stitch, I think I need a few lessons from someone before I launch myself at anything complicated!

      Good luck working your way through your list! Happy New Year!

    3. Fun list! I want to learn to spin in the next year, and learn to dye my own yarn. I also want to go ice skating on a frozen pond, but that's more bucket list than basket list. :)

    4. I definitely want dye my own yarn. I also want to design a garment pattern that is sized. I think these might just keep me busy enough this year!

    5. My bucket- okay, basket- list is to get my Christmas knitting finished early. I hardly made it this year! I also want to knit something from my hand-dyed yarn (and, hopefully dye some more of my own yarn so that's more likely to happen!) I'm also hoping to knit a few shawls/lace scarves.

      Great list, and good luck!

    6. My basket list: finish my hat-a-week project, publish my first knitting pattern, and finally knit a sweater for MYSELF... I could go on, but that's a pretty good for starters. Good luck-- I will definitely keep following your progress!

    7. What a list Shannon! I would like to finish the yellow wrap (I can't even remember the name it has been so long since I picked it up) I started over three months ago. And, next year, I would like to attend the sheep to hat weekend getaway at Fresh and Wyld in Colorado. Happy New Year!

    8. I am a great one for knitting small stuff, hats, mittens, scarfs, slippers. And for knitting Blankets. This past year I knitted a few more major clothing projects and really had a blast: a complicated aran sweater and two shawls. And I kept the shawls!! So, for this year, I want to knit for myself...and, in addition, follow my muse more on projects. Less "must do" and a whole lot more "wanna do." Noreen 1009 on Rav.

    9. I'm wanting to learn how to do cables this year but I also have quite a few skeins of sock yarn that I want to work through this year. I joined a year long knit-along so I could get all those socks done. lol. That "Flower Power" yarn is really neat. My name on ravelry is Closeacademy as well.

    10. On my basket list is definitely finishing the bedspread I started last year, which has lots of lacy flowers. I am about two thirds through. Then I want to go through my queue, including designing some lace cardigans,sweaters and skirt. I am proud that I already could tick off an item I had on my basket list for a long time (since I was a kid actually): knitting my own wedding dress a year and a half ago. That makes me feel that I am able to do everything else on the list, too.

      A happy new year!

      I am rebekka on ravelry.

    11. On my bucket list is to knit myself a pair of socks! Never done it! So I'd love to win prize number 3, understandably! Happy 2011!

      fridica on Ravelry

    12. Fun! Basket list-
      1. more socks
      2. attend fiber event within driving distance - always fun
      3. finish my Central Park hoodie - I should be wearing it now
      4. I sure would love to knit EZ's baby surprise jacket
      LynnIL ravelry

    13. Basket list, that's cool...number one on my list would be's the only reason I'm learning to knit...

      But I'd like to finish up some of my crochet WIP's that have been languishing....

      and, in general, just be more organized in my life..I pretend at organization really well....

    14. I am a beginner knitter and I would like to finish my scarf. That is number one on my basket list. Then, I would like to advance a bit and try a sweater.

    15. I don't really have a bucket list. I'd like to make a pair of toe up socks for the first time maybe.

      My needlework is pretty much what strikes my fancy at the moment.

      Thank you for the contest.

    16. Great giveaway! On my basket list is to definitely attend Rhinebeck and similar festivities. I've never been and just *know* i would have a blast!!

      I'd also really like to be published in Knitty and a knitting magazine like Vogue someday :)

      I want to make a comfortable living from my knitting, this is my biggest goal, and as I will be graduating from college this May, this is the time to make that happen!

      My Ravelry ID is SillyLittleLady :)

    17. My basket list includes 12 pairs of Cookie A socks, 2 baby sweaters, several hats, and maybe a sweater for me. Details at Woolgathering and the Basket List.

    18. What fun! My basket list includes many of the same things as yours: to attend Rhinebeck for the first time, learn how to spin, knit an entire stranded colorwork sweater with steeks (I've been eyeing Ysolda's Little Birds), knit through my extensive to-knit list, design an original sweater pattern, knit one sweater for each month of the year....I'm short of breath just writing the list! Thanks for the contest (especially the lovely yarns!).

    19. I just love your concept of "basket list," that is such a great play-on-words. For my bucket list, I'm still working on learning to ride horses. For my basket list, I'm working on learning to spin, getting more scientific with my yarn dyeing, and making more sweaters (that actually fit!). I've thought about doing the TKGA master knitter program - blog about it if you go ahead with it so I can decide whether to join you :-)

    20. My list: attempt fair isle, attempt entrelac, attempt intarsia, more socks, stop queueing like a maniac and actually finish something first. =)
      (Joycersb on Ravelry)

    21. What a great list and an amazing contest! Thanks for letting me know about it! I'm now a follower (which I thought I already was, but I guess not).

      My 2011 knitting/crocheting basket list:

      1. design a few different crochet purses and bags
      2. learn how to knit socks
      3. make my first sweater
      4. use half of my stash of yarn
      5. start my own yarn dying company

      I hope to do most of those in the first 6 months of the year, but we'll see!

      hpseeker4 (Ravelry)

    22. Whew! That first one on the list has me sweating already! I must admit that #'s2,3,8 and 10 are on my knitting basket list. Add to that to purchase, knit, and wear the beautiful ruffled linen skirt pattern from the ladies at Stitches, to knit a sweater my husband would truly like to wear, and to learn to weave and own my own small loom. (To help me get through my stash!) Good luck to everyone with their lists!

    23. Great list!
      Mine also includes knitting a sock every month, and some day I'd love to go to Rhinebeck, it sounds like the best place on earth for yarn addicts!
      Other items on my list are knitting more lace and learning fair isle.

      I love the prizes, they're so beautiful! I think I like the Handmaiden best, I've never tried it before. And the KnitPicks is gorgeous too. They all are!

    24. I love your basket list! What a great contest!
      Here's the start of my list:
      1. Knit the mates to all my lone mittens and socks.
      2. Finish the sweater I started.
      3. Take H and B to NYC for new years eve.
      4. Use snail mail more.

    25. Thank for everyone's comments so far!
      I'm leaving a note for Lee and Deborah who emailed me that they tried to comment on the contest post and had trouble doing so. This is their contest entry!

    26. That is a great list, I think my main one is I am determined to beat colourwork. I have also joined an A-Z sock knit along for 2011, so I think I will be working on a lot of socks, and maybe not a lot else this year!
      Rav name: alittlebitsheepish

    27. I love your list. I have learning to crochet and knitting 12 socks (6 pair) in 2011. Thanks for this giveaway. Rav name = knitterofhats

    28. My bucket list...

      For 2011:

      * Knit up some of the beautiful things in my stash
      * Convince myself that I will finish this PhD
      * Find time to swim
      * Play with photography

      In general:

      * Conquer my Ravelry queue
      * Decide what I want to do with my life
      * Learn a language or two
      * Learn to sew
      * Visit some more of the world

      That'll do for now :) Plenty to be going on with....

    29. I love the idea of a knitting bucket list. The first thing on my list is to get a handle on my stash that is all over the house. I want to give nothing but handmade gifts for Christmas. I would make more knitting friends. My rav name is angelamolden.

    30. 1. See the northern lights.
      2. Visit Paris again.
      3. Plant a persimmon tree and a kumquat garden.
      4. Knit more cashmere.
      5. Attend 80% of knitting knits.