Friday, January 7, 2011

First FO's of 2011

As it is FO Friday I thought I would pop in and remind everyone that there is one more day in my New Year's contest.  Leave me a comment by midnight Saturday for a chance to win!  Thank you to everyone who already commented.  It has been a treat to read about everyone's "bucket list" goals.

Annabella's Cowl is as versatile as I hoped.  It works as . . .

 a scarf . . .

a cowl . . .

or even as a hood.
I actually can't see myself wearing it as a hood very often, but it's so soft and warm it may double as a pillow on my next camping trip!

Pattern:  Annabella's Cowl
Source:  PDF download from Churchmouse Yarns
Materials:  2 skeins Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend, and 1 1/2 skeins of Kidsilk Haze, US 10 needles

You all may remember that I cast on for one of these cowls prior to Christmas in a different color, but ran into a knot in the yarn where it was obvious that yarn from a different dyelot had been attached.

Being a glutton for mindless knitting, I had purchased enough yarn for 2 cowls.  I decided that knitting the second one would help me decide what to to do about the first.  Now that I have a finished one to try on, I can see that the Kidsilk Haze dominates the color of the cowl, even though it is the lighter gauge yarn of the two.  So I think I can finish it as is if I just continue to carry along the Kidsilk Haze, but I ran out!  So I will finish this one when I can find more yarn in that color.

I also celebrated New Year's by knitting this quick hat for a charity project my friend Karen collected hats for:
My first "stashbusting for charity" project of 2011.  I hope to do more of those in the coming year!  Thanks Karen!

I hope your hand knits keep you warm this weekend!


  1. I am in love with the versatility of that cowl, it looks fabulous all three ways! I love the stashbusting hat, too. Stashbusting-for-charity is definitely on my list of stuff to do this year.

  2. Great cowl! I have one similar in my queue and your pictures make me want to try it! I think the one I have queued is actually a crochet project, instead of a knit though. Stashbusting for charity is such a great idea!

  3. wow thats awesome, think i might add it to by queue, and cute little baby hat x

  4. That cowl, hood, scarf thing is really neat.

  5. Cute hat, but I love the many ways you can wear that cowl...when you first posted it, I started looking for KSH LOL.

  6. Your 2011 is off to a great start! Lovely cowl -- blending the malabrigo with kidsilk haze sounds luscious.

    My feet have been cold all day so I may have to cast on socks this weekend :-)

  7. I like that versatile cowl. I can see stuffing one of those neck roll pillows in there and using it for a pillow cover.

  8. Love your cowl! It is beautiful. I am six inches into mine : )

  9. The cowl is lovely! I especially like it worn as a scarf. I hope you manage to find more Kidsilk Haze in order to finish the second one. Such a pretty color combo.