Monday, January 10, 2011

Not Too Uncool For School

Being a normal 14 year old, our son pretty much prefers the store bought beanies to my handknits these days.  But on this cold Monday, I was at least able to send his facsimile out into the world wearing a hand knit hat.  Of course I can't let that occasion go by without a quick blog post . . .

This weekend, he was toiling away in the garage on a project for freshman English.  After reading "Whirligig" by Paul Fleischman, each student was required to create an action whirligig representing themselves.  Once his was done except for adding some hair, he was ready to raid my yarn stash.   As I went looking for some brown curly yarn I realized that his whirligig could have hair and a hat.

Not that I am so organized as to knit a mini hat just for this project.  In fact, just the opposite.  Last time I knit a few hats for The Big Knit, I had a few which I didn't finish sewing up in time to put in the mail.  So this little hat ended up on his whirligig's head along with some Habu yarn that provided a fair representation of his curly top.

It isn't exactly orange and black, but close enough to go with his SF Giants logo.
Hmmm,  I really like that color combo.  I just might have to find some worsted weight in those colors for a real hat!


  1. Kudos to the teacher for giving out such a creative assignment and to your son for his implementation! Your hat is the perfect finishing touch.

  2. It's quite cute. I bet he's the only one with a knitted hat.

  3. Really cute! I like the colour combination, too, it would make a great real hat.

  4. Amazing how that whirligig captures the boy's personality and spirit perfectly! Good work to you both - love the hat and "hair" : )