Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Slogging Central

SLOG - v. 1. To progress with a slow, heavy pace against resistance; to plod  2. To work diligently for long hours

I've begun to think of "slogging" as a knitting term even though it applies to whatever you are working on.   As I work my way through a list of household projects, as well as my current knitting projects, the definition above feels like the story of my life.  Even though I am slowly checking items off the spring cleaning list (Isn't it worth making a list just to get that little bit of joy from crossing items off?) as well as seeing some progress on my husband's Klaus sweater, I don't feel like I am getting anywhere.

As far as the cleaning goes, progressing "against resistance" says it all.  It doesn't matter how long I've been doing this parenting/stay-at-home mom thing (I prefer to be known as "the household C.E.O."), I can't get used to the fact that as I clean out closets and do the deep cleaning, dishes keep appearing in the sink and laundry keeps piling up . . .  huh, imagine that!  I just have to remind myself of what my friend Angie once jokingly said when I was lamenting about never feeling caught up, "When you're caught up, you're dead!"  It's so true, isn't it?  I have a coffee mug to go with the sentiment:
My favorite mug. It's faded.

Coffee You Can Sleep When You're Dead Retro Vintage Refrigerator Ice Box Magnet - 2x3
Here is the same logo
on a fridge magnet
so you can see it better.
In the knitting arena, the feeling of a lack of progress is due partly to the fact that my current so-called "portable" project is in slogging mode just like my husband's sweater.  You may remember that I couldn't resist casting on for an Antonia Shawl, as I rationalized it would be my portable project, conveniently ignoring the hat I already have on the needles.   I thought it would be an easy project to knit during breaks from the Klaus sweater, but it is not turning out that way.  For instance, I had practically all day Saturday to work on it, as Angie and I were knitting in the Mt. Shasta ski lodge, ahem, I meant, doing our parental duties taking our kids out for a day of snowboarding.  But it seemed like I had to rip out a row for every two that I was able to knit.  My biggest error was actually not a knitting error, it was when I foolishly stated out loud that the pattern was somewhat self-correcting as I could see if I was in the right place in the knitting pattern.  It was only moments later when I realized I hadn't made an error in the middle of a row, I had just skipped an entire row of the lace pattern.  That was when I had to undo 2 rows of about 200 sts each.

It will be worth it though.  I made some progress after all, and it's turning out as beautifully as I hoped:

The good news is my husband is off on a fishing trip today, and I'm going to use that as an excuse to play hooky from the spring cleaning for at least part of the day.  So I hope to show you some progress on both projects tomorrow.  He has chosen a second mushroom-dyed yarn as the contrast color for the stripes on the sleeves of his Klaus, so I'm off to wind more of my hand-dyed yarn and to get some knitting in.


  1. I often feel like I'm just slogging though life these days! I'm glad it's not just me. I do think this false spring has helped me along this week. Making pretty good progress on the socks with the added pressure of the upcoming Stitches convention - yeah! The shawl is truly gorgeous and I can't wait to see the FO.

  2. Another one here who often feels as though she's slogging through life. Hope you've managed to get some knitting done and looking forward to seeing your progress!

  3. At least I am not alone! I too am slogging. I decided to make the most of it though and started deliberately hibernating for a few weeks -- I postponed some things and said no to others so I can mostly just stay home (when I am not driving around my children who absolutely do not hibernate).