Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another E-MIL-Y, this time for my MIL

One aspect of blogging that I love is that the simple act of writing a post often helps me look at something in a new way.  It was only after starting my last post that I realized I don't have to just keep bemoaning my lack of spring baseball viewing/knitting progress.  I can just pack up my knitting bag and go watch baseball practice! After writing that post, I did just that.

It was a wonderful feeling, especially because my husband was able to join me.  Family time doesn't usually result in knitting time, but that day it did.  My husband and I sat and watched our son play baseball as I cast on for a sweater for my mother-in-law. . . my idea of a perfect afternoon.

Last year I knit this entire Emily cardigan just while watching baseball practices and games.

My mother-in-law tried it on during her last visit and loved it.  It even fit her perfectly, so I am back at it during this year's baseball season, knitting an Emily cardigan out of Malabrigo Twist, this time in Azul Profundo:

I was a little bit worried when I noticed a color change as I attached a new skein near the top.  Then as I took photos of the cardigan-in-progress for this post, I realized that the lighter spots reminded me of the knit clouds on a card my MIL once gave to me:

The image is from a poster by Parisa Tashakori, a Iranian graphic artist, and it states "Create a blue sky for our children."  Looking at it in a new way, I decided that my MIL will probably like the color changes of the Malabrigo.

I wonder if I can finish the sweater before the end of baseball season?


  1. Very pretty. Have no doubt that it will be finished during the endless stretches of baseball practice

  2. That blue is gorgeous...lucky MIL! Like Dina, I believe as baseball season closes, you will find yourself with a beautiful completed Emily cardi : )

  3. Azul Profundo!
    My! That name takes in the whole sky!
    And the color itself, a celebration of my new nest in the clouds!
    As always, deep gratitude to Spirit of the Universe, that you are my daughter in/out-law.