Sunday, May 22, 2011

First Dye Garden Harvest

Early this morning, while still wearing my robe and sipping my coffee, I went straight out to the garden.  I saw that the first marigold blooms had started to fade and new buds had appeared.  I decided it was time for my first dye garden harvest.
There are just a few flowers so far, but I'm still excited as they are the first flowers I've been able to collect from the plants I started from seeds months ago.  They will go into the freezer and I will add to their number until I have enough to dye a skein of sock yarn.  

Later, as I was indulging myself with a second dose of caffeine and browsing knitting blogs, I saw that the month of May is devoted to Red/Orange in Project Spectrum.  This year Lolly has started a Project Spectrum blog on Tumblr.  Check it out for a quick dose of color inspiration!  

With the marigolds presenting themselves as perfect examples of this month's color theme, I decided to take a few more photos of them and then kept my camera in my pocket as I continued my morning chores.

There is also a Project Spectrum group on Ravelry for those who are celebrating each color with a knitting project.   I would join in the fun with my Whippoorwill . . . 

 . . . except that might be cheating, as pink has it's own month in Project Spectrum.

Hmm, maybe I finally need to choose a pattern for this Madelinetosh that has been in my stash for awhile?

There might even be enough for a Harvest Moon cardigan, and I've been wanting to knit something with pockets.  Time to stop taking pictures and start swatching!


  1. Thank you for adding some amazing colour to my morning, both with your lovely marigold photos (and I'll be so excited to see how they work for dyeing when you've collected enough) and the links to Project Spectrum. Mmm, colours. :)

    I love that Harvest Moon cardigan, too, the one-button look really works on it, and I think it would be lovely in that yarn.

  2. Thanks so much for dropping by my little blog space on Saturday.

    I love the work you've done and today's post has honestly gotten me over the hump with trying to hand dye yarn. Thanks for the 'colour splash' today. :D

  3. Lovely photos! I'm not usually a fan of the orange part of the color wheel, but you are making me change my mind.

  4. Love the photos. I especially like the striation on the chard. At least, I think it's chard?