Friday, July 29, 2011

Halcyon Days

Halcyon -- n.  1. A kingfisher, esp. one of the genus Halcyon.  2. A fabled bird, identified with the kingfisher, believed to be able to calm the wind and waves while it nested on the sea during the winter solstice.   -- adj.  1. Calm and peaceful; tranquil.
     . . . . from The American Heritage College Dictionary

I was finishing up my Halcyon Socks
 as we drove by Mt. Shasta yesterday.
"Our current use of halcyon days tends to be nostalgic and recalling of the seemingly endless sunny days of youth." 
     . . . . from Wikipedia

The combination of colors and texture in these Halcyon Socks reminds me of all the summer vacations we have taken in Central Oregon with views of the Cascade mountains under blue skies.  So it was perfect that I was finishing them up as we drove home from dropping the boy off at camp in Oregon, and now I am writing this post as we get ready to pick him back up and go camp out in the high desert surrounding the Deschutes River, where hopefully we will be experiencing some more halcyon days before summer ends.

The Candy Skein "Blueberry Cobbler" colorway may be named after a treat, but it might as well have been made for the Halcyon pattern because the blues and browns are a perfect match for the Kingfisher birds with which the Halcyon legend is associated:

It's just knitting, but it makes me happy to find a great match between pattern and yarn, and finish up a project that I will associate with pleasant memories.

Pattern:  Halcyon Socks by Wendy D. Johnson
Source:  free PDF  from Wendy Knits 
Materials:  1 skein Candy Skein Yummy Fingering Superwash Sock in "Blueberry cobbler", and US 1 needles.
Modifications:  I cast on half of the total stitches with a provisional cast on before knitting a short-row toe.  This method, from Priscilla's Dream Socks, is my favorite for knitting seamless toe-up socks.  

I'm getting this post written just in time to link up with FO Friday at Tami's Amis because I wanted to show Tami, of Candy Skein, my finished socks.  Thank you, Tami, for custom-dyeing the awesome yarn for me!


  1. It all matches up so beautifully, and after all, that's part of what makes handmade so special?

  2. Love your post today. It was amazing! Your socks well, needless to say I definitely need a pair.

  3. Gorgeous. I love the first picture :)

  4. YAYAYAY!!! I LOVE THEM! Is there anyway you can add the pictures to your project so it shows up in Ravelry and also share them with the Candy Skein Addicts Rav group??? I'm sure people would love to see them. And you're very welcome. ;) Great post with all of the amazing pictures.

  5. Love the colours in your socks. That first photo should go in the Knitting Photos Hall of Fame. There must be one somewhere. Surely.

  6. Yum, lovely word, lovely socks. Have a halcyon time next week!

  7. And... that looks like a Nepalese kingfisher - sweet!

  8. Beautiful socks! Great FO pic too :)

  9. To my FO Friday friends, thanks for dropping by and commenting, I'm off to share the love on your blogs too!

    Tami - I made sure to link up with the Candy Skein group once I got my photos on Ravelry. Thanks again.

    Jeanne - I wish you were going to be out at the Deschutes with us! But once school starts in a couple of weeks, it won't seem like our Stitches get together will be that far away.

    Thanks Zonda!

  10. That photo of your (amazing!) socks and Mount Shasta is kind of the best thing ever. I'm mostly okay with living somewhere pancake-flat (much easier walking!), but I'd love a nice mountain vista every now and then.

    I really love the way the socks worked up, and they really do match that kingfisher---a sure sign of a fabulous colorway. ;)

  11. The top one may be my favorite sock photo ever. Thanks too for the halcyon definition, I knew the adjective but not the bird. I love collecting new words.

  12. Beautiful! I love the tie in with the Kingfisher birds as well. Such an amazing pairing of pattern, yarn and colors!

  13. I love the yarn you choose. Turquoise and browns are one of my favorite color combinations. Very nice job on your socks.
    I will learn to knit socks one day!