Monday, July 11, 2011

Knitting in Paradise Part 3

Back to familiar grounds:
We ended our trip by spending a few nights in a rental house near the beautiful Waimea Bay on the Kona side of the Big Island. We had stayed there before, so after our other adventures the familiarity made it feel a bit like home.   We were able to settle in and we were all looking forward to the activities we remembered from our previous visit.

Our boy remembered the house's resident geckos, and we hadn't even unpacked the car before he found one of his old friends:

They mostly eat insects, but they like fruit too!

I was happy to be back at this beach for both the sheer physical beauty of the place . . .

. . . as well as for the snorkeling.  Just for fun, we picked up one of those cheap underwater cameras.  The pictures didn't come out very well but it was fun to try.

Can you see the octopus?  This one hung out with us for awhile.

After seeing all the turtles on the beaches,
it was exciting to swim along with this one.

Best of all was having fun as a family!

At times the guys couldn't decide between fishing or snorkeling so they did both at the same time!
You might think it's easier to catch the fish
when you can see them, but it's not!

And I was able to get back to some serious knitting, all the while appreciating my yarn colors even more in the beautiful surroundings:
My Daylong Socks matched the flowers blooming
on a tree in the back yard of the rental house.

We almost didn't want to return, but of course it was still good to get back home.  Thanks to Angie and her family, the cats, the chickens, the sheep, and the vegetable garden were in great shape when we got back.  Thank you Angie!

As for the knitting, my last 2 FOs (my Daylong Socks, and my Cedar Leaf Shawl) will always remind me of the trip.

What about you?
Are you getting to do a little travel knitting this summer?
Do your knitting projects remind you of the places you've been, and of whatever else you were doing during the time you were knitting them?


  1. I like to pick up some souvenir yarn whenever I travel. If it's locally spun, even better. It helps me remember the trip!

  2. I take my knitting when I go anywhere so it does hold memories for me! I also love to buy local yarn as a souvenir of my travels.

  3. Amazing gecko shot!
    I took my pics for FO Friday with my Camilla Mittens on the beach in Maui. They always remind me of that trip. I swear they still smell like sunscreen!

  4. Vanessa and Jeanne - Thanks for commenting. I didn't search out any local yarn in Hawaii but there must be people who knit there too. That would be a good way to remember visiting someplace special.

    Nikki - I remember your Maui blog posts with your Camilla Mittens. I love it that you smell sunscreen on your winter mittens.

  5. I love all the photos and captions, especially of the mysterious snorkelfisherman!

  6. Wow those geckos are amazing - great photos :)

  7. Love the underwater photos, they look so ethereal. And the gecko is beautiful!

    I do love holiday knitting, it can bring back some great memories when you reach for the finished items months later :)

  8. Amber - Welcome home from your trip! I look forward to comparing travel notes with you too.

  9. elephantJuice - Ethereal is kind of how you feel after you've been snorkeling for awhile. I recommend it if you ever get the chance to go!