Monday, August 15, 2011

School's back in session!

After a long visit with friends and family in Oregon, we returned just in time to get our son ready to head back to school.  It feels bittersweet.  I wasn't ready for summer to end, and I still can't believe the boy is already a sophomore in high school!  At the same time, I must admit I was pretty excited to do the first carpool run early this morning and have the day stretching out ahead of me to get some projects done.  Not the least of which involve knitting and blogging!

Speaking of which, here is the itty-bitty amount of knitting I was able to accomplish since going out of town after my last post:

The good news is I was able to have my sister try on her partially finished Turkish Bed Sock, and now I know what I need to do to finish them up so that they fit her perfectly.  It's a clever little pattern, and I can already see that I will be knitting multiple pairs of these for gifts and for myself.

Even though school starts early here, and we still have some hot weather still ahead of us, I can just feel the Fall knitting season starting up.  I am envisioning casting on for sweaters again!  Woo-hoo!  I've also begun dabbling with my dye garden plants so I will have much to share soon.

Meanwhile, this post would not be complete without giving a big shout out to Angie -
 Happy Birthday Angie!  You deserve the best!  I'm looking forward to celebrating with you and the rest of the knitting group!