Friday, November 25, 2011

FO Friday: I finished it but I still need to fix it!

I hope all my American friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving with their loved ones.  I know I have much to be grateful for including this wonderful knitting community!

This week I finished the first of the Howlcats which I had planned to knit as Christmas gifts:

I usually like to take an FO photo of a hat when it is actually being worn on someone's head.  There is only one problem.  This FO doesn't fit on anyone's head because the bind off is too tight.  I went up in needle size and tried to keep it loose but it still just doesn't have enough stretchiness to it.  I plan on ripping out the bind off and redoing it with Jeny's surprisingly stretchy bind off.  I think it will be fine after that.

Does that count as an FO?

Redoing the bind off will go quickly, but it is forcing me to reevaluate my gift knitting plan.  I have 6 more gifts I'd like to knit, and only 4 more FO Fridays before Christmas.  Yikes!  While I love a good long stretch of stockinette knitting, I think some other quick-knit hat patterns may be in order at this point.  Maybe Bubbles for one of the kids, and an earflap hat for the other one.

The good news is, out of the 6 gifts, 3 more of them are started.  Still, I have some serious knitting to do! Not such a bad thing, really.  Meanwhile, I look forward to seeing some FOs on the FO Friday list that are actually finished.  Maybe I will even get some more hat inspiration!


  1. Wow, when you put as 4 FO Fridays until Christmas, it really starts to sound scary!

  2. That totally counts as an FO. Also, yikes on the number of days til Christmas. I'm SO not ready this year. Hope the gift knitting goes quickly!

  3. I made a very cute v-neck vest for a baby that wouldn't go over his head because the contrast color wouldn't stretch. I'm checking out your link.

  4. Wishing you speedy gift knitting mojo! I could do with some of that too actually ;)

    The surprisingly stretchy bind off should be perfect - it always amazes me just how stretchy it is ;)

  5. I say it counts. It is finished, but you are just going to make some alterations.