Monday, January 23, 2012

Direct from London

True confession time:
In the midst of all of the gift shopping and gift knitting last month, I indulged in a little splurge for myself.  I saw this online and couldn't resist even though I had to pay for overseas shipping.  Soon after, this sweet little package arrived in the mail:

Opening it made me happy.

Reading through this little book makes me want to knit just about each and every pattern from the designers at Loop.  Actually, as I browse through the beautifully photographed pages, what I really want to do is jump on a plane to London and visit Loop.  But for now, I will content myself with knitting a few patterns.  Here are my favorites from the book:

Brown-Eyed Susan:
This shawl is pictured on the cover of the book in a different color.

Cinnamon Girl:
This cardi looks fun to knit and versatile to wear.

Oak Knot
I plan to knit this first. 

I like the texture of these fingerless gloves.

And now I must go re-order my Ravelry queue!


  1. Some great patterns! Looking forward to seeing what you knit :)

  2. I love the brown-eyed Susan shawl! Can't wait to see the finished projects :)

  3. Oh, that book looks gorgeous! Some great patterns in there. I haven't been to London for yeears, but the next time I do go I'm definitely hunting down loop. From everything I've seen and heard about them it looks like such a lovely store!

  4. Those projects are all completely droolworthy---definitely a worth-it splurge, the book looks amazing. Especially that shawl---those ruffles look almost alive, I love it!

  5. Those finger-less gloves are AMAZING! drool...drool... If only I could knit that well. Someday!

  6. I have been eyeing this book for a while. Now I need to buy it! Those are gorgeous patterns that you have picked out. I especially love the shawl on the cover in the brown and cream colourway. Cinnamon Girl is so sweet and pretty. Have fun knitting from it!

  7. Now I have another book my my list to get. :-)